AUSTIN, TEXAS (October 6, 2022) – As we continue to expand the Bankers Helping Bankers network offering, community banks can now join as innovative bankers to test pilot fintech products and services.  These screened, early-stage companies need the partnership of a bank to establish their viability to provide a stable solution to benefit other banks.

“The BHB Test Pilot program will be the ‘ah-ha’ moment where we look back and we’re able to pinpoint the exact moment in time where Community Banking begins to take over their own destiny to build products together and be one with FinTech.” says Dave Mayo, Co-founder of Bankers Helping Bankers.

Chris Davis, VP Digital Solutions Officer of RiverBank and apart of the test pilot program says, “Community Banking is all about building relationships and making a difference for the greater good of our industry. But not all relationships are bank to customer or vice versus. We are finding that through our partnership with Bankers Helping Bankers, that is a relationship we cannot afford to miss out on. It is an unselfish relationship of banks and strategic partners coming together to not only build the future of community banking, but to hold fast to the legacy that has made community banking so special. The guidance and wisdom shared from Christopher Williston VI at IBAT, and Dave and Tanner Mayo at FedFis has proven invaluable for RiverBank and we are excited to be on this journey with BHB!”

Banks can sign up to be in the Test Pilot program here.

Test pilot banks will become strategic partners with the fintech, providing:

  • Beta testing of products/services to spot areas of improvement.
  • Feedback on the solution’s usefulness for community banks.
  • Influencing product development.
  • Assisting in a rollout strategy that minimizes risk to both the bank and the fintech.

In exchange for becoming a test pilot, your community bank will have potential fintech partnerships at low to no cost for an agreed upon timeline and other potential benefits.  Test pilot banks will not be expected to roll out feature functionality enterprise-wide or to all customers, only provided a limited base of testing.

“Many thanks to IBAT and FedFis for selecting us as their 1st fintech amongst many who were vetted and run through their compliance program for this unique opportunity to serve BHB’s Test Pilot program. It is the perfect alignment between our technology, our people, and the challenge that community bankers are facing…which is Responsible Innovation that brought us together.” said Shyam Gopalaswamy – Founder & CEO, CaptuRisk Inc.

We understand that Community Banks will not want/be able to participate in all test pilot opportunities but by agreeing to be apart of this exclusive group, you will have the first opportunity to partner with these vetted fintech companies and uncover new solutions for your bank and community banking nationwide.

About Bankers Helping Bankers

​Bankers Helping Bankers (BHB) is a bankers-only social+ platform for collaboration and education. Through data tools and dynamic user groups, BHB provides community bankers with a knowledge base focused on bank technology and emerging Fintech companies, as well as hot topics such as cryptocurrencies, banking-as-a-service, becoming a sponsor bank, and launching a direct digital brand. The BHB ecosystem includes access to capital, executive support with access to experts, a roadmap to navigate financial technology integrations, a direct connection to fintech sponsor banks and a marketplace of community bank customers. It is the most complete end-to-end ecosystem for community bank-supportive technology companies. The BHB platform is free for bankers, reaching 75% of banks. Join the movement to help save community banking! For more information, please visit:

About IBAT

Formed in 1974, the Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT) represents Texas community banks. The Austin-based group is the largest state community banking organization in the nation, with membership comprised of more than 2,000 banks and branches in 700 Texas communities. For more information, visit

About FedFis

FedFis is the leader in providing integration technology to financial institutions. FedFis tracks Fintech data and infrastructure analytics, Financial information on all FI’s, M&A, and Vendor data (including technology vendors) on every bank and credit union in the United States. Visit

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Source: FI FinTech Newsroom

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