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About the program

As we continue to grow the Bankers Helping Bankers network, community banks can now join as innovative bankers to test pilot fintech products and services.  These potential early-stage companies need the partnership of a bank to establish their viability to provide a stable solution to benefit other banks. 

Test pilot banks will become strategic partners with the fintech, providing:

  • Beta testing of products/services to spot areas of improvement.
  • Feedback on the solution’s usefulness for community banks.
  • Influencing product development.
  • Assisting in a rollout strategy that minimizes risk to both the bank and the fintech.

In exchange for your test piloting, your community bank will have potential fintech partnerships at low to no cost for an agreed upon timeline and other potential benefits.  Test pilot banks will not be expected to roll out feature functionality enterprise-wide or to all customers, only provided a limited base of testing.

We understand that you will not want/be able to participate in all test pilot opportunities but by agreeing to be a part of this exclusive group, you will have the first opportunity to partner with these vetted fintech companies and uncover new solutions for your bank and community banking nationwide. 

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Product review by Bankers Helping Bankers:

— FedFis: market viablity, API interoperability, partnerships, 3rd party integrations, bank connectivity, etc

— IBAT: regulatory compliance, bank operations, back-office, etc.

— BHB ecosystem partners & sponsors:  bank needs analysis, additional screening, viability, partnership opportunities

Review Fintech Company Overview

Get a digest on the fintech company you’re interest in test piloting to see if it would be a good product for your bank.

Request Product Deep Dive

Get in touch with your fintech to see the product live.

Establish Beta Agreement with BHB Oversight

With the help and oversight of Bankers Helping Bankers, we can establish a beta agreement to ensure the pilot runs smoothly.

Internal Testing

Work with the fintech to test the product on non-customers (like your employees or friends and family) to gather product feedback & requests.

Launch Decision For General Availability Customer

After working with your fintech on your pilot, you can decide if this is something you’d like to roll out for your general available customer.