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Built by community banking exclusively for community banks. No outsiders. Period.


BHB is committed to giving back to community banks in partnership with the state bank associations that support them. 

The Handshake

We’ve gone to great lengths to make this bankers only, please help us keep it that way!

The BHB Mission

For the past decade, “experts” have prognosticated the end of community banking.

Regulatory burden, changing customer expectations and warp speed technological evolution, they say, are just too much for community banks to weather.

We believe that the fight for community banking is far from over but, to win, we’re going to need more collaboration, better data and less misinformation from those who are telling a story that only benefits them.  It’s time to write a new story for ourselves.

We believe Bankers can make the right decisions and thrive if they have the right information.  Period.

That’s why IBAT and FedFis have partnered to pioneer an entirely new way for banks to band together, by forming a community of bankers, where conversations are driven by fact and data.  We believe that the best way to plan the way forward is to remember where community banking began, with community and trust.

Let’s Band Together, Let’s Save Community Banking.

Unprecedented Support for Community Banks: Bankers Helping Bankers

A data-driven Social+ Community created by IBAT and FedFis, exclusively for bankers. Thanks to our sponsors, there is no cost to bankers. Providing education, information, and private conversations that bankers have never had before: FinTechs, Vendors, and Technology Peer Analysis.

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The independent community banking business model is in jeopardy.  Over the last 20 years, the number of FDIC insured institutions has retreated 48% from 9,613 in 2001 to 4,951 2021 YTD.  The urgency with which we must act to save our industry has never been greater than it is right now.  Rising compliance costs and regulatory burden, coupled with self-indulgent consultants, vendors, and providers are debilitating our proud industry.  We must band together to protect our livelihood, and Bankers Helping Bankers is our first cannon shot to stave off continued industry consolidation. 

BHB is the perfect resource to liberate those bankers who are facing competitive headwinds.  Here, bankers can find the tools, resources, and friends to help them realize the true value of their bank charter.  Banks don’t need to sell to maximize value or gain efficiencies.  Bankers need to leverage their most valuable asset – their charter – by considering new ways of doing business with FinTechs and as sponsor banks or direct banks.  This is how you maximize value!  We can’t keep doing things the way we always have, so I urge you, in the name of community banking, to check out Bankers Helping Bankers; help yourself and your fellow banker so that we may continue to wave our flag proudly. 

Mike Fernandez

President, Texas National Bank

Inside The Platform

BHB is a social community at its core, that’s why its called bankers helping bankers. At the foundation, our intelligence layer powers the community engagement, acting as a social engine. We achieve this data driven engagement in these key ways:

Social +

We personalize the banks experience; recommendations, interactions, digital strategy, and even discussions by grouping banks discussions by topics, partners and peers. This is a new elevated conversation based on information bankers haven’t had before.

FinTech Directory

All U.S. FinTechs that provide a banking function (requires a sponsor bank). It is the only directory built by data so you can ensure completeness. Search all features and App store data (number of installs, age of App, ratings, and view the digital experience of the FinTech). 

Vendor Due Diligence

The technology selection process has long been broken. You need vendors that integrate with your current technology that pass the regulatory hurdle of “three live installs”. Using AI algorithms, FinTegration Strategist (c) precisely defines your recommended product shortlist.

Bank Digital Snapshot

Find your bank peers, view their app’s digital experience, financial KPIs, and call report financial KPIs.

Smart Vendor Directory

Definitive list of vendors with at least one live bank install. Learn where vendors serve their customers best by asset size and financial KPIs of their install base.


Get data-driven education and thought leadership to stay on the cutting-edge of news and industry trends. 

“The result is a first of its kind data-forward social+ community for banks. BHB delivers data personalized journeys customized to each unique banker with a powerful insights engine that accelerates social innovation; identifying, connecting, and fostering social collaboration amongst complex bank peers.”

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